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The MIC - Mediterranean International Cup is organized by AE MICFootball and governed according to FIFA rules, RFEF - Royal Spanish Football Federation and FCF - Catalan Football Federation.


A | Under 19 (F·11 - Male) Players born after  01.01.1999

B1 | Under 16 (F·11 - Male) Players born after  01.01.2002

B2 | Under 15 (F·11 - Male) Players born after  01.01.2003

C1 | Under 14 (F·11 - Male) Players born after  01.01.2004

C2 | Under 13 (F·11 - Male) Players born after  01.01.2005

D | Under 12 (F·11 - Male) Players born after  01.01.2006

E | Under 12 (F·7 - Male) Players born after  01.01.2006

F | Under 19 (F·11 - Female) Players born after  01.01.1999

G | Under 14 (F·7 - Female) Players born after 01.01.2004



In categories, B1, B2, C1, C2 and D is allowed to enroll up a maximum of 2 players born after July 1st of the previous year to the category in question.

In category E is allowed to enroll up a maximum of 1 player born after July 1st of the previous year to the category in question.

In A, F and G categories are no exceptions.



Before the start of the competition, each team must deliver signed to the organization, an original listing certifying that the data of the first name, last name and date of birth of the registered players are correct.

The head of each team will receive from the organization ten copies (10) of the list of players. Before each match, one of these lists, it must be delivered to a director or sub-director of field indicating the number of dorsal which players carry during the match.

All players must be identified with the federal license in force, DNI, passport or other official document certifying the age with photography.

The revision of documentation will be made before the start of the competition, but also if the circumstances require it the organization it can be repeated at any time.

If any team line up a player that does not comply with the requirements that marks the regulation, the team will lose the match by 3 to 0.




There is no limitation on the maximum number of registered players per game.

The changes are free without having to stop the game, always under authorization of the director, sub-director of field or the referee. We will only stop the game if the replaced player is the goalkeeper or if the referee or field director sees it convenient. All substituted player may re-enter.

It is allowed to line up a player in different teams of the same club if they are of a lower category. In any case you can rank a player of a higher category. To line up the same player must have passed 5 hours between the end of one match and the beginning of another. In any case, a player may play the competition with two different clubs or two teams from the same club participating in the same category.



All fields are natural or artificial turf of maximum quality.



All games will be played with NIKE balls (size 5 for 11-a-side and size 4 for 7-a-side classes). Organizers will not lend any balls to the teams to warm up. We recommend to the teams to have their own training material.



Every team must have, at least, two uniforms with numbers or one uniform and a set of bibs with numbers. All shirts must have a number and the numbers will have to be the same as in the players' list. It is recommended to keep the same number along the tournament. 

Teams are wearing official home uniform agreed before the beginning of the competition. If the uniforms of both teams have the same/similar colors or the referee decides it could be confusing, the team playing as visitor  will have to change their uniform (mentioned in the second place on the competition calendar).




The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in the program of game, both in regard to timetables as playing fields. The information of the changes will be communicated to the person responsible for the teams.




All games will have a duration of 25 minutes for part.

The tournament committee is authorized to alter the duration and the time if circumstances so require. In the middle of the matches only there will be a change in field, except that in the final, in which there will be a break of 3 minutes.



The teams must be prepared in the field 30 minutes before each match.

In the event that a team is not present, the result of the match will be 3-0 in favor of the rival team. It may also be removed from the competition.




In the “Classification Phase", teams play between them in a league system to a single round. All of the groups will be formed by 4 teams.

Will go throw the Final Phase" those classified in 1st and 2th, the teams that finish in 3rd and 4th position will play the “Consolation Phase”.

The matches of the “Final Phase" and " Consolation Phase " will be played according to the cup system (direct elimination) and will be decided without extra time, by penalties according to FIFA rules.

*The system of competition may change depending on the number of participating teams.



  • Match Won: 3 points
  • Tied match: 1 point.
  • Lost match: 0 points.



In the case of a tie between two teams

1. Goal-average particular.

2. Goal-average general.

3. Number of goals in favor.

4. Younger team.

In the case of a tie between more than two teams*

1. Points earned in the games played between the teams involved.

2. Goal-average of the games played between the teams involved.

3. Number of goals in favor in the games played between the teams involved.

4. Goal-average general.

5. Number of goals in favor in the general classification of the group

6. Younger team

*If the tie at some point becomes two teams, then is considered to be "a tie between two teams" and should be break ties according to the appropriate criteria.



Will be made in accordance with the rules of the FIFA. The teams will launch a penalty shoot-out, one by one alternately (5 criminal proceedings in the categories of Football-11 and 3 in the categories of Football-7). If you keep the equality, will be passed to the sudden death. The teams will launch a penalty alternately until one mark and the other fails.

Only players who are in the field at the end of the match can participate in the shootout. Each penalty shall be executed by a different player. Only after that each one of the members of the team has shoot a penalty, players will be able to launch a second penalty.



A goalkeeper who suffer an injury during the execution of the penalty shootout and not be able to continue playing, may be replaced by an alternate designated.

Any player eligible may change of position with the goalkeeper at any time during the execution of the penalty shootout.

If, at the end of the match and before you start the shots from the penalty spot a team has more players than he’s adversary, they should reduce their number of players to match the same of their adversary, and the responsible of the equipment shall communicate to the director of field and the arbitrator the name and the number of each player excluded. Thus, every player excluded will not be able to participate in the launch of shots from the penalty spot.

All available players, according to the rules, to run the penalty shootout, should be placed in the central circle, with the exception of the two goalkeepers and the player who kick the penalty. The rest of the players and the managers must remain in the technical area.



The Competition Committee of the MIC is composed of 4 persons, representatives of the FCF - Catalan Football Federation, the CTA - Technical Committee of Referees of Catalonia, of the Technical Committee of the Catalan Football Federation and the organization. The affairs of protests and complaints are handled by the Competition Committee and their writing resolutions may not appeal or change.



All expulsions will be reported at the end of the match to the Competition Committee who shall communicate the sanctions to the person responsible of the team in question.

The expulsions techniques such as: tactic fault holding the rival for the t-shirt, fault being last player in play manifested in goal, double strike …, under check the Competition Committee, will not be punished for the next match.

In other expulsions as insulting, give a kick disproportionate, assaulting a contrary, etc., the player will be automatically suspended for the next match and depending on the severity of the action could be punished for several matches. All cases of expulsion serious will be reported to the national federation of the country of the player affected.

The behaviors, regardless that may succeed in or out the playing field, could lead to the exclusion of a player or team in the competition.

All sanctions, both players and coaches, will be referred to as such.



If a match is suspended by any incident and/or incidence, the Competition Committee shall decide on the following parameters, taking into account the reason for the suspension.

  • The becomes to play from the beginning.
  • The party is still playing from the minute when he was suspended.
  • The result of the party to suspend it is fixed as a final result.
  • One of the teams win 3-0
  • The two teams lose the match (0-3).



The Referees of the MIC belong to national and international committees of referees and shall be appointed by the territorial committee of Catalonia. Their decisions are unappelable.



The protests or complaints they must give written to the Director of Field or responsible for the Organization along with the claim rate of 60 euros which will be refunded in the event of a favorable resolution.

These claims should be submitted with a maximum of 30 minutes after the end of the match in question. The complaints will be accepted only if they are delivered by the delegate or responsible registered of the team.

Claims will not be accepted by referee decisions.



The Delegates are responsible for their players in case of damage in the changing rooms, hotels, buses or other facilities. It must respect the silence in the hotels between the 23'00 and 8'00 hours. Must Be Respected meal times established by those responsible for the hotels. It is prohibited to travel in the transport of the organization without a shirt. It is forbidden the entry of alcohol or other substances that are not allowed for children under the age of 18 years in the rooms. The breach of any of these rules by any player, technical or companion can be a reason for expulsion from the tournament.



All clubs/computers must have attached to its players within and outside of the land of game. All participants must have health card or a private insurance. AE MICFootball is not responsible for the possible damages of the participants as well as the loss of personal objects (through theft or other circumstances), or injuries. It is not responsible for the measures taken by the public authorities or transportation companies such as strikes, cancellations, etc. The club, at the time of your registration request, said that their players are physically fit to the event. The organization declines all responsibility for any damage that participants can cause during and after the race both to themselves and to others.



All participants are required to fill in the form of data protection, it signed by his legal representative and handing it over to the organization before the tournament. Through this, will give the consent to the processing of data. The participation in the event authorizes AE MICFootball to use any graphic reproduction of the participants during the tournament.




Any circumstance that has not been reflected in the Regulation, is the exclusive competence of the responsible for the organization, being its final decisions, reserving the right to add, modify, interpret and apply the rules according to its criteria and the needs of each tournament. AE MICFootball reserves the right to modify these rules for the benefit of the competition.

All modifications made to these rules will be communicated to the club responsible | participating team.