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MIC - Mediterranean International Cup is organised by AE MICFootball and will be played in accordance to the regulations of the FIFA and the Spanish and Catalan Football Federation


A: Male born from 01-01-1998 - 11-a-side

B: Male born fom 01-01-2001 - 11-a-side

C: Male born from 01-01-2003 - 11-a-side

D: Male born from 01-01-2005 - 11-a-side
(except from 2 players that can be born after 01/01/06)

E: Male born from 01-01-2005 - 7-a-side


F: Female born after 01/01/1998 - 7-a-side

G: Female born after 01/01/2003 - 7-a-side



Before the Tournament starts, each team must submit a list with the name of the players, their date of birth and their shirt number certifying that all the details are correct. The person in charge of every team will receive from the organisation ten copies of this list. Before every match one of these lists will have to be given to the playing field director. The list will have to be filled with the players numbers. All the players must be able to identify themselves with their Federation licence, Identification Card or Passport.
Age verification will take place before the start of the tournament for all players and the Organisation will reserve the right to double check them during the competition. If a team registers a player who does not fulfil all the requirements of the rules, the team will forfeit the match 0 - 3.


There is no limitation to the number of players registered. Free substitutions are allowed but need the permission of the field Director or referee. Players who are substituted can return to play in the same matc. A player may play in different teams of a same Club only on the condition that the teams are not in the same class and that the ast match has been played 5 hours before. A player will not be allowed to play in two different Clubs.


All the teams competing in Classes A, B, C and D will be able to register a maximum of 2 players born from the1st of july of the year before the class they will take part in.


Every club must have a minimum of two numbered outfits or one outfit and some bibs. Every shirt must be correctly numbered and the numbers must be the same as the ones in the team list.
Before the match, if the referee considers the two outfits are very similar, the visitor team (the 2nd to be announced at the match) will have to change its shirt.


The matches will be played on Natural or artificial high quality grass.


Every match will be played with Nike balls (number 5 for A, B, C and D Classes; and number 4 for E Class). Organization will not provide balls for the warming up of the teams.  


For categories with 32 teams:

  • In the classification round, teams are divided into groups of 4. All of them will meet in a round robin series. The two best teams of each group will go to the play off. The third and forth will go to the Consolation round. All the play off and Consolation matches will be played in accordance to the cup system (direct elimination) and will be decided by penalty kicks, according to FIFA regulations. For the rest of categories:
  • The competition system will be decided depending on the number of participating teams.




The organisation committee will have the right to make changes on the matches schedule and playing fields. The changes will be announced to the person in charge of every team.


They will be played in accordance of FIFA rules (art. 10). Teams will kick 5 penalties (classes A, B, C and D) and 3 penalties (Class E), one after the other. If it is still draw, the teams will continue to kick until the one of them goals.

Only the players who will be at the playing field at the end of the match will be able to kick the penalties. Penalties will be kicked by a different player. All the players, excepting the goalkeeper and the player who is going to kick, have to be at the center of the playing field.


Every match will be made up of two halves of 25 minutes. 
The Organisation Committee has the right to change the playing program (groups, times and fields). The changes will be informed to the team leaders.
There will be no resting time during the break, only changing ends; except in the finals, where there will be a 3 minutes break.


The teams must be ready 30 minutes prior to the kickoff.
Any team not appearing at the match will forfeit the match 3-0.


Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points


Draw between two teams:
1. Individual goal average.
2. General goal average.
3. Number of goals scored.
4. Youngest team.

Draw between more than two teams*:

The number of won points in the games played between the teams involved.

1. gol average of the games played between the teams involved.

2. number of goals scored in the games between the teams involved.

3. general gol average.

4. number of goals scored during the classification round.

5. the younger team

* When the draw goes from more than two teams to just two teams, the two draw teams will the rules of "draw between two teams".



The referees belong to National and International Federations and will be designated by the Territorial Committee of Catalunya. His decisions will not be able to be appealed.


MIC Competition committee is formed by four bodies, the Catalan Football Federation members, the Technical Referee Committee of Catalunya, the Techincal Committee of the Catalan Football Federation and the MIC Organisation. All protest and reclamation matters will be looked at by the Competition Committee and his decisions cannot be challenged.


A player will be banned from playing in the following match if he insults, kicks or attacks an opponent …and could be banned for further matches.

On the other hand, an expelled player by a technical fault, a pull, if the goalkeeper touched the ball with his hands outside the area o for a double fault; will not be sanctioned for the following match. All cases of severe red cards will be reported to the Football Federation in question.


All protests or reclamations must be handed to the person in charge of the field or to a MIC member maximum 30 minutes after the end of the match. The protest fee is 60 € which will be returned if the protest is accepted. No protests for referees will be accepted.


All the team leaders are responsible of their players in case of damage in the dressing rooms, hotels or buses.
Silence is prescribed in the Hotels between 23:00 and 7:00
Eating times in the Hotels should be respected.
It is forbidden to get in to the organisation buses without t-shirt.
Alcoholic beverages or other substances forbidden to teenagers are absolutely not allowed in the rooms.


All Clubs must have their players insured both on and off the field. All the participants must bring the European Health Insurance card or a private insurance if the team comes from an non european country. MIC Organization will not assume responsibility in case of theft or damage to property, injuries or other actions of the public authorities or organization transport due to strikes, lockouts…

Clubs are responsible of the participants at the tournament as they are the ones who have registered stating that  all the players are physically able for the event.

The Organisation is not responsible of the damages that the participants can cause to themselves or to other participants during the competition.


All the participants have to fill the protection database handed by the MIC organization, fill it and sign it by his legal representative and send it back to the organisation before the start of the tournament. The signature of this form consents the data process. The participation to the event gives the right to AE MICFootball to use any graphic reproduction of the participants during their participation to the tournament.


Any circumstance that has not been foreseen by these rules is the MIC Organisation responsibility.  The Organisation also has the right to modify and interpret the rules according to his opinions and the tournament needs.