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MIC - Mediterranean International Cup  is organized by AE MICFootball and ruled by  FIFA, RFEF - Spanish Football Federation and FCF - Catalan Football Federation rules.


Players will have to prove with their in force Federation license, ID card, passport or another official certifying document with the age and picture. The team will need to have the official documents available in all the games and be prepared if the organizers ask for a revision. 

Before the tournament kick off, all teams will have to hand in to the organizers, the original list of players signed, confirming that all names, dates and data related with the players is correct.


All games will have two halves of 25’ each, with a 3’ rest in between.


There is no maximum number of players registered per team and game.

Players change are free without stopping the game, with the field director, sub-director or referee authorization.

The game will only be stopped if the player changed is the goalkeeper or if the referee or field director say so. All players changed can play again during the same game. It is highly recommendable that all players keep the same number during the whole tournament.


All the tournament fields are either natural grass or artificial high quality grass.


All games will be played with NIKE balls (size 5 for 11-a-side and size 4 for 7-a-side classes). Organizers will not lend any balls to the teams to warm up. We recommend to the teams to have their own training material.



In the classification phase, teams will play against the teams in their group in a roud-robin system. All groups have 4 teams.

Teams classified in the 1st and 2nd group position will go to the final round, whereas teams ending in the 3rd and 4rth group position will go to the consolation round.

All the games on the Finals phase and Consolation Phase will be played in a knock-out system, and will be decided without extra time in case of draw. There will be penalties, according to the FIFA rules.

* The competition system, may vary according to the number of teams participating.