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La Caixa Diputació de Girona La Liga




Teams have to fill the registration form available at the tournament website .  The team is NOT officially registered until it has completed “step 3”.


Organizers will get in touch with the person in charge of the team (shown at the registration) to complete the registration and activate the team space at the website.


To complete the registration and officially confirm the participation, each team will have to make a first payment of 1.800€ in the case of teams choosing type 1 (with accommodation) or of 900€ in the case of choosing type 2 (without accommodation).
This amount will be part of the total to pay, and it will be taken from the last payment. We recommend teams making the payment as son as they can as it is the only possible way to confirm the registration. Limited places available that will be assigned to the first ones to make that 1st payment to participate.


Once the registration is officially confirmed, teams will have the following payment deadlines:
        a) Before January 10th, 2017 the team will have to inform about the total number of participants (players, staff and supporters) that will Travel to the tournament, and 50% of the total amount needs to be paid. 
        b) Before March 10th, 2017 the team will have to finally confirm the total number of participants and make last payment (100%).
(*After this date the amount will increase 1,5% daily.)


During the arrangement period, teams will have to inform to Organisers and update the team space with the following details:
        a) Number of participants (players, staff, supporters): Before March 10th, 2017, the total number of people travelling to the MIC needs to be confirmed to the Organization. At the same time, all these participants need to be properly registered at the team web space.
        b) Players registration: Players registration must be completed a month before the tournament kick off. We recommend that the players keep the same t-shirt number for all the tournament.
        c) Staff and responsible registration: In the team space the staff must be also registered with their position in the club. The details of the person in charge will have to be updated as well, with a contact number included.
        d) Supporters registration: All supporters have to be registered (with arrival and departure date and stating if the person is under eighteen). The rooming arrangements (single, double, triple room…) needed for the supporters need to be also provided to the Organization.
        e) Arrival and departure information: The teams (not local teams) that arrive to the airport or train Station (Barcelona or Girona) will have to inform to the organization and register the details in the team space at the website. All details need to be filled (day, time, people number…) according to the arrival and departure.
*Organization does not guarantee accommodation and transport for the teams and/or people who does not follow the stated deadlines.


Parents/legal tutor authorization: All players have to hand in the original parental form filled and signed upon arrival at the hotel. This will be available at the team web space  after registering the players.


Accident insurance: All the members of the teams must have an insurance. It is mandatory to hand in the original acceptance file to the organization responsible at the hotel. MIC offers the chance to book an 24h insurance which will have to be confirmed with at least 1 month beforehand.