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La Caixa Diputació de Girona La Liga



Friday 06 April 2012
It's time to the women's football in MIC

The competition will take part in l'Estartit this saturday

Friday 06 April 2012
Rosell follows the youth football of Barça in MIC

The President of Barça has gone to watch a match of the U-14 in Mont-ras

Friday 06 April 2012
Resounding success of 'Primer Toc' RAC1 program

[Translate to english: ]Radio Marca succeed with its MIC special program on Thursday

Friday 06 April 2012
Poma de Girona supports MIC

The players can enjoy the apples from Poma de Girona as a snack

Friday 06 April 2012
MIC creates Dani Montesinos prize

The first trophy will go to his family in his memory