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MIC 17



Latest teams arrival date: Tuesday April 11th.

Competition kick off: Wednesday April 12th.

Tournament end: Saturday April 15th (D, E, and F classes).

Tournament end: Sunday April 16th (A, B and C classes).


Tuesday April 11th

This is the latest date that a team can arrive to the tournament.

Teams with accommodation at the organization hotels can arrive there before this date but not after.

Teams that are not participating with accommodation at the MIC will have to hand in and pick up all documents on the set (organization will provide this information) date and place.

Wednesday April 12th

Competition starts in the morning (1st group game phase) for all the teams.


There will be an Opening Ceremony during the afternoon and after this there will be the opening game. All teams have to be there.


Thursday April 13th

During the morning there will be the 2nd Group Phase game.

In the afternoon all teams will play the 3rd and last Group Phase game.

At the end of the day, the organization will confirm games and schedules for the following phase.

Friday April 14th

During the whole day there will be Play-off games in the Final and Consolation phases.

Saturday April 15th

In the morning there will be Play-Off games as the quarter finals and some semi finals of the Consolation and Final phases.

In the afternoon there will be the D, E and F class finals, and the rest of the semi finals.

Sunday April 16th

Between 9:00 and 14:00 there will be A, B and C classes finals (Final and Consolation phase).

At the end of the finals, MIC tournament will be officially closed and all the teams will go back to where they came from.



*For the teams that arrive or depart out of the stated dates, the organizers offer various options to arrange accommodation, transport, excursions, clinics, friendly games, training sessions…

Ask for your Budget at or +34 935 897 020.