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MIC-Mediterranean International Cup is a youth football tournament celebrated in la Costa Brava (Spain) with teams and national teams coming from different countries with ages from 12 years (D class) to A class (U19).

MIC is preparing his 17th edition, that will start from 11 to 16 april 2017 with the same aim as 17 years ago: give the opportunity to young football players from all around the wold to play with the best international teams and players.


  • 596 football matches in 5 days.
  • More than 5.000 participants.
  • Around 220.000 viewers.
  • Live matches on TV and Internet.
  • 22 towns involved.
  • 29 stadiums.
  • More than 250 teams representing 40 nationalities of 5 continents.
  • Staff with more than 300 people.
  • Economic impact: Over 3.5 million €